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A Friend’s Corner with Dr. Holden



Dr. Patrise Holden


Dr. Patrise Holden, Founder of The Language Key® serves as an communications expert, designing and implementing academic and communications programs in the corporate, educational, government, and private sector.  A proud member of Generation S, she was diagnosed with Type SS Sickle Cell Disease at less than 6 months of age.  From infancy through adulthood, Dr. Holden spent most of her time in hospitals or at home recovering.  The disease process affected every aspect of her life including her self esteem and relationships.  In her 20s, with some tough love and a gentle push from her physician of 15 years she began a quest to find her purpose.  Through turmoil. pain, doubt, and ultimately triumph, Dr. Holden has become a business owner, writer, model, and educator.  Her hobbies include her beloved Xbox Series X, baking, and dancing.  As an advocate for health rights and an accomplished speaker, she fights for the rights of the terminally ill and disabled.

Dr. Holden understands firsthand the uncertainty, pain, self doubt, and isolation that Sickle Cell patients and families often feel.  She also knows of the unlimited potential that lies within all of us that can be sparked through understanding and open conversation.  Through her experiences and openness about her own journey it is her sincere hope to serve as both advocate and friend for all who find themselves in their own Sickle Cell journey.

She currently resides in Washington , DC.




Listen to “Living A Life of Purpose” Presented by Dr. Holden below!

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