Sickle Cell Patients May Qualify for $4000 Credit

Hello Sickle Cell warriors! There is good news in spite of this pandemic and frustrating time! You may qualify for a $4,000 grant per year. (Note: participants will not receive a check, but a credit for those medications and/or co pays yearly.) Eligibility criteria: be under treatment for sickle cell, have medicare health insurance that covers your qualifying medication or product and your medication or product listed on PAN’s list of covered medications, your income must below 500% of the federal poverty level and you must reside and receive treatment in the United States or US territories. If you think you qualify, please contact me at

Those of you who do not qualify, but need food or help with other expenses, please contact me at the email above or

Staff are calling clients to follow-up on your well-being. If you have moved, changed email addresses or changed phone numbers since you enrolled, please let us know. Remember to get plenty of rest and fluids, eat right and wash your hands frequently and wipe down things frequently touched. Watch movies that make you laugh!

May god continue to bless each of you and keep you well.

Pastor Taylor