SCAFO-Billy Webb Elks Lodge Black Community Health Partnership

The Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation of Oregon (SCAFO) and the Billy Webb Elks Lodge join together in common cause for the benefit of the African American community in the Portland area. Our shared missions of building the quality of life of community members (mind, body, and soul) through exchanging resources, knowledge, and shared cultural history form the foundation for our collective efforts to promote health, raise awareness about sickle cell disease, and attend the health needs of our community.

Our Shared Goals:

  • Promoting the health of our community
  • Raising awareness about Sickle Cell Disease
  • Extending outreach to people who have unmet health needs

The leaders of each organization have begun working on action steps that you will be able to be a part of as we work toward these three goals.

Join us on our first joint venture — a drawing on November 14th. Tickets are just $5 each and the winner will win a freezer filled with meat valued at $100 and fresh veggies from Black Futures Farm! Proceeds will go toward our shared goals.

Purchase tickets here:

Announcement will be on Saturday, November 14th at noon.

We hope that you will be inspired to action and encouraged to join in on upcoming opportunities to demonstrate your love for our families and neighbors and our shared commitment to optimal health- mind, body, and spirit. Visit us on line to learn more.

SCAFO Mission Statement
Our mission is to improve the quality of life of those suffering with sickle cell disorders and to inform and educate the general population. Our goal is to promote awareness of the genetic causes and health effects of sickle cell anemia and related conditions; to promote improved access to care through raising the number of sickle cell educated clinicians; and to remove the stigma that sickle cell clients are drug seekers which impede the ability to provide sensitive and quality care.
Billy Webb Elks Lodge Mission Statement
The mission of the Billy Webb Elks Lodge is to enrich, uplift and build Portland’s African American Community through culturally relevant activities that fortify the mind, body and soul.
We work to achieve this mission by promoting and providing activities that focus on charity, justice, and equity. We believe that building community will ensure brotherly and sisterly love that inculcates fidelity through the exchange of resources, knowledge and shared community history to create and replenish a culture of well-being for Lodge members and Portland’s African American community.